Stackable Spill Pallets

Designed to increase drum storage by going upwards rather than outwards!

Drum Storage Tower

Where space is at a premium and 205 litre drums need to be stored on bunded pallets, these stackable spill pallets can be supplied with either solid or open sides.  Fitted with a safety drum retention chain, removable galvanised pressed steel grids and powder coated frames they've also got stackable pallet feet for increased safety.  If drums are to be laid flat for decanting, consider a dispensing rack.


Model Reference Drum Capacity Weight Dimennsions L x W x H
CGA/0006/003 (enclosed) 4 x 205 litre 200kg 1485 x 1409 x 1420mm
CGA/007/003 (open) 4 x 205 litre 160kg 1570 x 1320 x 1468mm

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