Steel Spill Pallets

Excellent stability, laser cut steel and seam welding make these some of the best steel units available.

Steel Drum Bunds

Available in a powder coated finish or galvanised these bunded pallets are fitted with integral baffles for additional support to the removable galvanised pressed grid. From 1 to 8 drums capacity and with bespoke units available they are fitted with fork pockets for easy movement.  Fully compliant with the Oil Storage Regulations.

Loading/unloading can be undertaken with a fork truck with a suitable attachment or by using a manually operated depalletiser from our extensive range.


Model Reference Drum Capacity Bund Capacity Weight Dimensions LxWxH
CGA/0020/001 1 x 205 litre 225 litre 30 kg 750 x 685 x 605 mm
CGA/0001/001 2 x 205 litre 225 litre 70 kg 1470 x 685 x 390 mm
CGA0002/001 (square)

4 x 205 litre

225 litre 100 kg 1470 x 1310 x 275 mm
CGA0003/001 (in-line) 4 x 205 litre 225 litre 150 kg 2766 x 726 x 275 mm
CGA /0008/001 8 x 205 litre 225 litre 300 kg 2766 x 1349 x 275 mm


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