Scissor Grip Drum Lifter

This forklift truck attachment is a scissor grip action drum lifter.

It can also be used with an overhead hoist or hook.

A scissor grip drum lifter is ideal for lowering drums into a bunded area; over a wall, into a tank or any otherwise inaccessible area.

This device can handle drums from 550 mm to 620 mm and lift vertically positioned empty and full drums up to 500 kg. The scissor action is suitable for remote use - the forklift truck driver does not need to handle the device or the drum.
The heavier the drum the tighter the grip. Raising and lowering the device operates the catch, alternatively engaging or releasing the drum.

Specification of Scissor Grip Drum Lifter 

  • SWL 500 kg
  • Weight 20 kg

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