Premium Rim Grip Drum Lifter

A rim grip lifter for use with a forklift truck - fast and safe in operation.

This drum lifter is designed for use in intensive drum handling operations

- loading and unloading containers, palletising and depalletising drums and barrels, indeed anywhere constant drum handling takes place.  

Reliability and long life are assured as this unit has changed little over the last 50 years and many of the original ones are still being used today!

The photograph demonstrates a twin head drum handler lifting one steel and one plastic drum at the same time but units to lift between 1 and 4 drums are available, as are a variety of different heads to handle different drum designs.

Rim Grip Drum Handler Specification

  • Gripping head ensures safe movement without damage to rim.
  • Handles all common steel drums including open top and tighthead
  • Single drum capacities from 350 kg to 1,200 kg
  • Devices with capacity to handle 1, 2, 3 or 4 drums are available.
  • Fork pockets 130 mm x 70 mm (other sizes are possible)
  • Weight 2 drum model 135 kg
  • Models can have a rubber fender fitted, to prevent damage to and protect finish of light gauge drums.
  • Gripping heads have forged and heat treated jaws for long-life.
  • Safely handle damaged drums
  • Normally available ex-stock
  • ATEX compliant models available
  • Quick Release (QR) system available



To learn more, see Selecting a Fork Mounted Drum Lifter

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