Drum Tines Forklift Attachment

Safely lift drums horizontally into racking

by using drum tines

Whilst there is always the temptation to lift drums lying in the horizontal plane by simply using the forks of a fork truck, it cannot be considered good handling practice. Forged forks are designed to have a slightly loose fit on the carriage to enable them to be easily adjusted without affecting their integrity when subjected to a vertical force.  However, when resting a drum along their length they will splay which could result in the drum being dropped.

The solution is to use fork tines which are welded to a steel plate, thereby providing a simple but safe way of lifting the drum.  Available either as fork mounted (as shown) or carriage mounted these units are recommended where drums are to be lifted in this way.  

For turning a drum from the vertical to the horizontal we recommend using a roll over cradle.

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