360kg Capacity Hook Mounted Rotator

Safe decanting with a hoist or crane for 205 litre drums

Crane Mounted Drum Rotator
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Fitted with a robust gearbox and automatic locking, a controlled discharge of the contents is easily achieved.  The ratchet strap in conjunction with the roliing rings prevents slippage of steel drums whilst an adaptor is available for plastic drums.  The 50 mm wide ratchet strap also allows it to be used with damaged steel drums. The unit can be supplied with a simple crank handle to the gearbox or a chain if it is to be rotated at height.

360 kg Hook Mounted Rotator Specification

  • Model CICTL - 1.0
  • Capacity 360 kg
  • Control - Handle
  • Weight 50 kg
  • Centre of Gravity 50mm
  • Model CICTL - 2.0
  • Capacity 360 kg
  • Control - Chain
  • Weight 75 kg
  • Centre of Gravity 50mm



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