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Are Drum Clamps Safe?

Posted in General News on 27/07/2015

Are drum clamps safe to use with all steel drums incorporating rolling rings?


Bettahold launch

Posted in General News on 08/07/2015

Nobody would class litter picking as a skilled occupation but after a few days as a volunteer for a local environmental charity, I soon learnt to put something heavy in an empty bag to weight it down, particularly on a windy day!


Cheap Drum Trolleys

Posted in General News on 20/05/2015

Drum trolleys start at less than £200 but go up to well in excess of £1000! So what's the difference?


Cheap Drum Rotators

Posted in General News on 27/03/2015

Fork mounted drum turners start at less than £400 up to about £1500. In theory they all do the same job so is there really a difference? Is it really worth paying top money?



Posted in General News on 05/11/2014

At last, an answer to moving industrial drums across rough and uneven ground.

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