Turning drums safely for horizontal storage

Storing drums ready for dispensing small quantities of the contents is common practice.  Doing it safely requires specific equipment.

Fundamentally there are two ways of storing drums ready for partial decanting.  If only a few drums are held at any one time a dispensing cradle is a simple, safe option but where multiple drums are to stored lying down in racking, the issue becomes a little more difficult.

1. A safe method of lifting the standing drum must first be found.  In most companies that use drums, a fork mounted drum lifter is already available but if not, 'ing a Fork Mounted Drum Lifter' outlines the alternative methods available.  If no forklift is available consider a drum trolley or depalletiser.

2. To turn the drum through 90° our uniquely designed roll over cradle requires less than 20 kg of effort and therefore meets the Manual Handling Regulations guidelines.

3. The drum can now be lifted into the racking using drum tines used in conjunction with a fork truck.



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