An oil rig is an arduous and demanding environment, so the prerequisites for the manual handling equipment needed for moving drums are:

  • A robust design
  • afety in operation
  • Requiring minimal maintenance

Our patented ATEX compliant drum trolley, manufactured from stainless steel using high quality wheels with sealed bearings offers reliability and huge safety benefits.

Requiring only 25kg of force to lift and move a 250kg drum, a CHRO ATEX Drum Trolley is far safer and more effective than a traditional sack barrow design. Already in use on oil and gas drilling platforms across the world, it is certified as safe to use in ATEX Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

A CHRO ATEX Drum Trolley is designed to lift and move both steel and plastic drums from 50 litre, it can also handle virtually any drum design. Our online training video, which was filmed using a full 205 litre drum, shows exactly how the drum trolley works and how easy it is to lift and move drums.

Call Roger Grimshaw now on 0161 796 7555, email him or view our online videos and ensure you start to handle drums more safely.


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