A safe and cost effective way of loading 205 litre drums onto scales mounted within a floor sounds a pretty simple request, but when it’s necessary to do it several times an hour, any minor improvement can bring large benefits in terms of productivity.

Repeated loading of drums onto floor level scales is a process we often improve in industries which include chemicals, engineering and food processing – in fact anywhere using a weighing system of this type. Our recommended drum handling solution never varies; a patented stainless steel drum trolley requiring less than 25kg of effort to handle a 250kg drum.

In addition:

  • It can handle virtually any drum design.
  • It can handle any drum size from 25 litre up to 205 litre.
  • The operator is kept well away from the drum.
  • It is available as an ATEX compliant model.

CHRO only offer robust British made drum trolleys which are designed to provide years of reliable service. Call Roger Grimshaw now on 0161 796 7555, email him or view our online videos and ensure you start to handle drums more safely.


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