Laying barrels horizontally so that a tap can be inserted and the contents decanted over a period is a common requirement.  We were asked by a Scottish company to quote for one of our dispensers following an incident that had recently occurred. An operator had been turning an oil drum in the yard in winter and as it came over he slipped and was pinned to the ground in freezing conditions.  Fortunately he was found fairly soon and suffered no serious injury but they needed little persuasion to introduce a system that required less than 20kg of effort to turn a 200kg drum! 

A traditional drum dispenser requires a huge amount of effort to turn it over which far exceeds the recommendations of the Manual Handling Regulations. In addition to the risk of musculoskeletal damage, there is the risk of crushing as demonstrated above.

This unique dispenser requires loading with a trolley or fork truck fitted with a drum handling suitable attachment due to its geometry but this is a small price to pay for improved safety.


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